Enter the Simply Scripts One Week Challenge!


Hey fellow writers!  If you enjoy writing shorts, and you like to be challenged, then you need to check this FREE contest out from Simply Scripts:


Write a 4 to 7 page (not including the title page) properly formatted short script.

Theme: “Creature Feature”
Genre: horror, thriller, suspense, noir, or keeping with the season
Rating: PG (no cursing or excessive violence)
Challenge: Create a three page comic.  Each scene would be one panel of a comic. And there could be one to 7 panels per page.  Visit HyperEpics.com to help you visualize your action slugs.

Submit your script anonymously to SimplyScripts.com/OWC

Notes to the writer:  Be descriptive with the visual cues, but leave the artist some room for creative interpretation.  Also, be mindful of space constraints.  Avoid extended sequence of dialogue/narration so that you don’t overwhelm the images.  You only have three pages at your disposal in the comic, so use page one as establishing the story, page two is where the action takes place, and the third page offers the conclusion.  Surprise or twist endings will work well in this format.

Lastly – be bold.  Don’t be constrained by budget as anything you imagine can be drawn into a comic format!

One script will be selected by HyperEpics.com from the pool of top Writer’s Choices to be translated into a comic.

Note: If your script is selected to be translated into a comic you agree to allow Hyper Epic and SimplyScripts to publish the visual representation of your script to their respective sites. The writer will still retain all rights to the submitted screenplay. Writer will be credited with “Story by”.

There will be a review page emailed to you for you to score the scripts you read.  Please only give scores to scripts that you have read. Please do not rate scripts in your review.

Friday 10/12 – Theme and Genre release
Friday 10/19 – Scripts due 11:59 pm edt
Wednesday 10/24 – Writers Choice votes due
November 10 – Writers Choice and Hyper Epic’s choice revealed (

This isn’t a contest – it’s a challenge.  There are no official prizes…

You may submit more than one script but it’s better to write one GREAT script than two or three mediocre ones. You may also have a writing partner.

You can revise your script as many times as you wish up until the deadline. Do not put your real name on your script – this is an anonymous challenge.  However, please use your real name when submitting your script.  After the challenge closes you can either have your script removed or resubmit your script with your name on it.

Participants are strongly encouraged to read and comment/review the other scripts submitted.

You can go to the board at Simply Scripts to read comments, questions, etc., and see what other writers are doing.  This is a great opportunity to hone your skills as a writer.  You’ll get a lot of FREE feedback from other writers and get others to know who you are as a writer.  Did I also mention that it’s FREE?

Simply Scripts is simply the best place to find thousands of scripts written by other writers, and critiques of those scripts.  A lot of producers are looking through these scripts as well for opportunities to film a script, usually inexpensively as a way to get experience and noticed.  It’s also a way to meet other writers, network, learn about formatting, technique, and other matters relating to filmmaking.  I found it to be the most useful site for my personal development.

Give it a shot!!  And if you’re reading this after the deadline, still give Simply Scripts a look, sign up as a member (remember, it’s FREE!), and make yourself a better writer!

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