Our Favorite Links

Simply Scripts Discussion Board

This site is by far my favorite site for scripts, script reviews and posting your scripts for feedback.  Every success I’ve ever had has come through this site.  A lot of producers scour this site looking for scripts, and there have been a ton of success stories (me included).  I’ve had three scripts optioned that were put on this site, and a number of writers have had similar successes.  The best part is that it is FREE.  As in no cost to join, no cost to post your script, no cost period.  There’s also some great resources and links to scripts of feature films.

Script Revolution

Script Revolution, like Simply Scripts is a free service that allows you to post all your scripts and for producers to reach out to you for a possible option.  While the site is a little more intuitive than Simply Scripts, Script Revolution has yet to get the peer review process rolling yet.  Once that happens, I think the site will take the next step to being on the same level with Simply Scripts.

The Script Database

A site that contains a ton of Hollywood scripts.  A lot are not the shooting script, but perhaps the spec script or a second or third draft, but they’re still great resources to review and learn from.

Screenwriting Staffing

Screenwriting Staffing is a site with a ton of job leads for screenwriters.  There are some free leads but those tend to be for non-paying or low-paying jobs.  The paid subscription  has a lot of opportunities for more substantial writing gigs.

If you have a site that you think we should link to, shoot us an email at garymhowell@gmail.com